Conversion Calculator

I want to say that I wrote this in Visual Basic 4 around 1998. I was as a SCO Unix & Netware admin at a local manufacturer running Symex on a DEC before Compaq bought them. Remember those things? That's going back isn't it? Well we had a few design engineers that constantly needed to do conversions. There were programs out there that did conversions but most of them at the time had two flaws. One you had to pick the from and to values from a drop down list meaning you could only get one return value for every run. Second is because of number one a user would have to reinput values for every different unit of measure they wanted results for. So I made Conversion Calculator. What was different is I made it so that the from value always came from whatever cell just lost focus. Typing in any text box and leaving it resulted in values calculated in all the rest. As an added bonus instead of having to run separate programs for each kind of unit conversion the different units of measurement each had their own tab.

Screenshots here