This project was registered on on Aug 8, 2007, and is described by the project team (that's me) as follows:"This project aims to be an easy to use web interface for scheduling and recording TV shows to your hard drive. It is a rewrite of webvcr+ solely in C#. This project aims to be truly cross platform and run on any platform that supports .Net and MySql"

My motivation for starting this project was mostly just to show it could be done. What is that you might ask? To have non trivial (more than a "hello world") compiled C# code run unmodified on both *nix and Windows. We're consuming a third party web service, saving xml for outside consumption, getting all the data into a database and presenting it in a web interface. The code was written in both VS2K5 and MonoDevelop. The completed binaries as you can see contain a command line utility and an ASP.NET web application. I was able to serve and consume from both platforms from either platform. I got pretty far but some show stoppers in the Mono project at the time caused me to abandon the project. Anyone who wants to can still check it out of cvs.

Screenshots here