XML Feeder

This is an on going work that I started about 2005. In a nutshell it reads XML from a single source and feeds it to multiple ones. Having become fed up with one of our current vendors products I decided to start from scratch and write the product I wanted theirs to be. So below are the featured additions.1. No annual license fee.

2. No deletion of the source XML file. Other programs might actual require that XML file.

3. The ability to relay any file to another location via ftp.

4. The ability to become a server and receive XML via a socket and write it back to a file.

5. Support for multiple system types not just a single vendors.

6. No cryptic undocumented ini files. All the user settings are in the GUI.

7. Sends RDS PS_TEXT and RT_TEXT

I cut my C# teeth on this one.